Our Story

WagStar was started by a couple of friends who wanted to help save the lives of dogs in kill shelters. WagStar is dedicated to finding homes for animals in need of one. 

Supporting Pet Rescues

A portion of all proceeds go to worthwhile charities that support the same mission. By purchasing a WagStar treat, you help save someone's future best friend.

We thank you for your support.

All Natural Ingredients

Our dog treats feature all natural ingredients like fruit juices, flavoring, and oils. We use ingredients like sweet potato, beef, turkey, fruit, fruit juices, peanut butter and other natural ingredients for our treats.

Fun And Enjoyable

No more bland treats, our treats are not just your ordinary bland dog treats, we have Savory Beef And Cheddar Potato, Bursting With Blueberry, with more on the way.

We thank you for your support.